Telluride Film Commission

"We just completed our Post Production on the Adrenaline Rush commercial that we shot in Telluride. We were shooting at 12,550 feet with heavy equipment and a total of eight talent without any complaints. I realize now that having so many local film technicians and talent who can all ski is very unique. I am very happy that we did not attempt to shoot this commercial in the European Alps. The situation would have required us transporting crew & equipment from a major European film center and paying a very large hotel bill at the location. In these tough economic times, Telluride is the right solution."

-Richard H. Coll, Executive Producer, Directors Film Company

Countless productions have shot in beautiful Telluride, Colorado, yet it still retains its undiscovered feel. From majestic mountains to historic homes, Telluride offers an astounding variety of locations, and with its close proximity to the vast deserts of the Southwest United States, the Telluride region is ideal for productions looking for diverse locations that capture the scope of the American West. In a word, we've got a big backyard . . .

The Telluride Film Commission promotes the Telluride, Colorado region to the film industry as an affordable and accessible site for on-location filming for commercials, feature films, television shows, and still photography, and assists production companies with all their needs when they choose to film in the Telluride region. If you're interested in bringing your production to Telluride, please contact us!




Telluride Film Commission