Telluride Film Commission


In addition to an endless supply of stunning locations and experienced crew and talent, the Telluride Film Commission strives to offer other incentives to film in the Telluride region:

Easy and Affordable Permitting Process

Competitive Location Fees

Discounted Lodging

Discounts on Production Supplies

To take advantage of these incentives, please contact us.

Colorado Tax Incentives:
Please visit the Colorado Film Commission's website for information on the Colorado Film Incentive Program.

Responding to the film community's demand for more in-state production, Governor John Hickenlooper and Colorado lawmakers created House Bill 12-1286 in July 2012. The new legislation improved Colorado's existing film incentive law, increasing the performance based rebate from 10% to 20%, and created a new and unique loan guarantee program. The Colorado Film Office can also offer additional benefits to bonded feature films.